Athletic Hall of Fame

Iris (McCracken) Fisher - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Written by Harley Mobley

Iris (McCracken) Fisher graduated from Monrovia High School in 1922.  She is the older sister of Branch McCracken, and the mother of Tommy Dean Fisher and Billy Mac Fisher.  She played girls basketball which started in 1906.  The Girls basketball team was considered Monrovia’s first state champion team in 1920. The girls team would be considered state champions from 1920-1922 and lost only 1 game in 1921.  In 1922 Monrovia was challenged by the Henderson Kentucky Wildcats. The Henderson Wildcats were considered the Kentucky state champions and had not been defeated since 1919. Monrovia traveled to Kentucky and defeated them on their own court to be crowned Indiana and Kentucky State Champions in 1922.

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Catherine Schrader Hoffmark - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Catherine Schrader graduated from Monrovia in 1924.  During her time in high school she was the class president, involved in choir and the school plays, but most notably she was a member of the 1921 and 1922 Girls basketball team. Girls basketball started in 1906 and lasted until 1922.  The team lost one game from 1920-1922 and was considered to be the state champions from 1920-1922. The most notable achievement would occur in 1922 when the Monrovia Bulldogs were challenged by the Kentucky Girls State Champions, the Henderson Wildcats. Monrovia would be victorious after defeating the Wildcats on their own court.It was the first loss for the Kentucky team since 1919.

Branch McCracken - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

 Written by Travis Judson

Emmett Branch McCracken, born in Monrovia, Indiana on June 9, 1908, went to Monrovia’s schools, quickly becoming a star player on the high school basketball team.  As a player and captain of Monrovia’s team, McCracken would win several county championships with his team.  This was along with their follow-up placement in the Tri-State Tournament in 1924, followed by two consecutive victories in the tournament in 1925 and ‘26.  McCracken would be named the MVP of the two winning tournaments in his junior and senior years of high school.

        After his time in high school, McCracken would go to Indiana University in the fall of 1926, joining both the football and basketball teams there.  McCracken quickly began to excel under his new coach, Everett Dean, becoming a distinct player on the team.  McCracken was the high scorer at IU and the second place scorer in conference during the 1927-’28 season.  He would repeat this same score in the following season.  In the 1929-’30 season however, McCracken would break the all-time record set the year before by Murphy of Purdue, winning the number one conference scoring spot.

        McCracken graduated in 1930 and soon after became the head coach at Ball State Teachers College (now known as Ball State University).  After leading them to an 86-57 record over eight seasons, he became the coach IU in June, 1938; following the leave of Everett Dean.  His first year their record was 17-3, which was immediately followed next season with a 20-3 record.  IU under his coaching was invited to join the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Eastern tournament to represent the Midwest, winning all of the non-conference games.  They later earned the opportunity to play against the University of Kansas team for IU’s first national college basketball championship, where they would claim victory against Kansas with a score of 60-42 during McCracken’s second coaching season.


        McCracken would take a three-year long break from coaching to serve in the U.S. Navy, and returned thereafter, once again leading the Hoosier team to victories.  After his return they would be ranked fifth in the country by the United Press board, and would go on to break the previous Big Ten record of 103 points with 113 points.  On March 1st, the Hoosiers, led by McCracken, won the Big Ten title after defeating Illinois.  They earned the position to play in the national championship again that season against Kansas again, winning their second national basketball title for IU.  The following year and in 1957 and ‘58, McCracken’s team would again win the Big Ten conference.  In 1965, McCracken retired from IU after 24 seasons of coaching there and 32 seasons coaching in total, he’d won two NCAA titles and four Big Ten titles.  In 1960, before he retired, he had been added to the Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a player, recognizing his coaching talent.


        During McCracken’s time coaching at IU he faced controversy for adding Bill Garrett, an African-American man, to his team.  During this time, basketball, like all aspects of life in the U.S., faced segregationist issues, which McCracken bravely refused to abide by.  He broke the “gentlemen’s agreement” along with others, which didn’t allow African-Americans to participate on Big Ten teams.  On April 8, 2017; the Indiana Historical Bureau unveiled a state marker honoring Bill Garrett at IU, and their fight against segregation in sports.

Monrovia High School Accomplishments:

IU Player Achievements:

IU Coaching Achievements:

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Mandi Powell - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Written by: Mackensi Schneider

Mandi Powell was a Monrovia High School graduate in the year of 1996. She earned 4 varsity-letters for volleyball, as well as made the All Conference WCC team in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995, along with winning conference 1993, 1994, and 1995 as a team. Powell was also awarded Channel 13’s ‘Excellence In High School Division “Who’s in Sports?”’ tv segment in 1995.  She was an all-around player, but succeeded as an outside hitter. After high school Mandy was offered a full-ride scholarship for The University of Notre Dame, to play volleyball where she received 3 varsity letters. Coach Brown, from Notre Dame, said “Mandi is a very good all-around player-there isn’t an area of her game we don’t feel comfortable with, she did a great job offensively in the spring and is a very good passer who can go from pass to attack and hit well. Mandi also is an excellent blocker and a good server, so there are many ways she can help-at a position where we are looking for people to step up.” Powell was then added to the Notre Dame hall of fame.

Paul Shields - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Written by: Mackensi Schneider

Paul Shields graduated in 1943 and was Captain of the 1942 Sectional Championship team. Paul Shields went on to attend Indiana University where he was captain of their basketball team as a freshman and led IU’s basketball scoring with 169 points in 21 games and had a 10 point average per game. In 1993 Shields won the I-Man Award, which is given to alumni that have made outstanding contributions through service to its athletics program. His playing career was cut short due to his service in the U.S. Army during WWII, where he also earned the European Military Basketball championship. After returning home Paul Shields went to the University of Nebraska where he studied engineering and played basketball. Paul Shields was inducted into the inaugural Monrovia Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006.

2. Paul Shields. Indiana University Library Archives. 1943.

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Toby Turner - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Toby Turner graduated from Monrovia in 1991 and earned 4 Varsity letters in Wrestling and 1 in Football.  In addition to participating in football and wrestling he also was a standout in high school rodeo. Although Toby was All Conference in Football and a member of the 1990 Conference Championship team, he was more known for his outstanding wrestling career.  During his high school career he earned the following honors and was part of the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Conference Championships Wrestling teams.

Toby earned the following awards in high school rodeo.

After High School Toby would wrestle at Purdue, graduating in 1996 and continue with professional rodeo for 10 years. His accomplishments in professional rodeo include the following.

Toby currently is the superintendent of Monroe County Highway Department and is a volunteer wrestling coach at Edgewood High School. 

John Standeford-Inducted in 2006-2007

Written by: Mackensi Schneider

Inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame 2006-2007

John Standeford graduated from Monrovia High School in 2000. During his time there he received 10 varsity letters: 1 in soccer (9th grade), 1 in baseball (9th grade), 1 in track (12th grade), 3 in football (10th, 11th, & 12th grade), and 4 in basketball (9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grade). In soccer he had the most goals in a single game as well as the most goals in a single season. He also qualified for state his only year on the track team in the 100, 200, and 400, Standeford also held the school record in the 100, 200, 400, and long jump.

 While playing football he had the:


In his basketball career he received the:

After high school John Standeford went on to be a 4 year starter at Purdue University as a wide receiver. He set the following records:

He held the Big Ten Record for most career receptions (226) when he graduated and is 3rd on Purdue’s list for most career receptions. As well as:

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Rick Streiff - Inducted in 2006 to 2007

Written by: Emma Gaston

Rick Streiff has led a very successful life including being an athlete at Monrovia High School and Butler University, and then being a well-established coach at Cathedral. He graduated in the class of 1980 and went on to get his Bachelors and masters at Butler University. Rick is married to Julianne and has three children, John, Lauren and Tom. He now serves as the athletic director for Cathedral High School.

High School:


Coaching career:

Brad Speck - Inducted in 2007 to 2008

Written by Harley Mobley

Brad Speck was a four-year varsity letter winner in football and baseball who graduated in 1977.  During Speck's time at Monrovia, he earned three years’ worth of adornments for his letterman’s jacket while playing baseball.  After high school, Speck went on to play football all four years at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and graduated in 1981.  After he finished with his career in sports, he was very focused on the youth.  He coached with Monrovia’s little league football organization for over 20 years.   

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Tommy Dean Fisher - Inducted in 2008 to 2009

Written by Harley Mobley

Tommy Dean Fisher, the son of Iris McCracken Fisher and nephew of Branch McCracken, graduated from Monrovia High School in 1953.  He was a four-year varsity player for both the basketball and baseball teams.  While playing at Monrovia in 1953, he set the all time scoring record with 1,262 points which was held until 1988 when broken by Neil Watson.  He still ranks fifth in all time scoring.  After high school, for a short amount of time, he played for the IU baseball team and eventually went on to play in the semi-pro’s for the Southside Saints as their pitcher.  

Ross Walker - Inducted in 2009 to 2010

Written by Harley Mobley

Ross Walker, who was a 1956 graduate of Monrovia High School, played varsity basketball for Paul Shulerr from 1953-1956.  During his time at Monrovia he was known as the team’s defensive specialist and was assigned to defend the opponent's best player.  He was also very good at the other end of the court, directing the offense from the point guard position.  Along with playing basketball, he also played third base for the softball team in 1955 and ‘56.  In 1956, the softball team was runner up in the Tri-County tournament.

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David McCubbins - Inducted in 2010 to 2011

Written by: Emma Gaston

Dave McCubbins was a well-accomplished athlete during his high school years at Monrovia High School. He participated in Wrestling and Football earning a total of 7 varsity letters. David attended Monrovia from 1989-1992. He went on to wrestle for STLCC at Meramec.





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Mitch Napier - Inducted in 2011 to 2012

Written by Harley Mobley

Mitch Napier was one of the state’s elite wrestlers who graduated in 2000.  Napier won two IHSAA sectional championships, two regionals and qualified for state three times, took fourth in his junior year and won the 145-pound championship in his senior season.  During his time at Monrovia, he set the record of winningest single season with 42 wins and set the record for dual meets, winning 23.  After high school, he went on to compete for the University of Indianapolis and qualified for four national championships and earned All-American honors.  At U Indy, Napier became the school’s first four-time national qualifier.  He placed seventh in the nation, then fourth, then achieved No. 1 ranking as a senior.  Napier was also an Academic All-American three times, winning a total of 114 matches.  After finishing his career in wrestling, he went back to UIndy and served as an assistant coach.  

Norman "Preach" Pryor - Inducted in 2012 to 2013

Norman “Preach” Pryor graduated from Monrovia in 1949.  He played basketball and baseball at Monrovia and was a member of the Tri County Championship team for both basketball and baseball teams. He was named to the All Tri-County and All Sectional Team in 1948 and 1949.  Preach would join the Marine Corp and was a veteran of the Korean War.  Preach was also a founding member of the Football Fathers organization and helped with the start of the Monrovia Little League Baseball program as a coach.  

1948 Basketball Team Photo. Monrovia High School. Bulldog Capers. Vol 21. 1948. Print Monrovia High School Archives

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Jason Standeford - Inducted in 2013 to 2014

Written by Mackensi Schneider

Jason Standeford graduated from Monrovia High School in 1999. He was a 4-year letterman in football and basketball, and was awarded both Mr. Football, and the prestigious McCracken award in basketball.

While playing basketball:

After high school:

Matt Belcher - Inducted in 2014 to 2015

Matt Belcher graduated from Monrovia in 1991 and participated in Football, Basketball and Track during his high school years and was a coveted 10 letter award winner.  He was a part of the first Monrovia Sectional Championship team in 1989 and WCC championship team in 1990. In basketball he is a member of the 1000 point club and ranks third in all time scoring with 1509 points. Matt was the second Monrovia Athlete to be named Mr. Football and Mr. Basketball and was the third Monrovia Football player to be selected to the North South All-Star Game.

2. The Reporter-Times (Martinsville, Indiana) · 4 Mar 1991, Mon · Page 6 Downloaded on Oct 8, 2021

Gwen (Moore) McCubbins - Inducted in 2015 to 2016

Written by: Emma Gaston

Gwen McCubbins was a well - accomplished athlete throughout her high school years. She graduated in 1994 and has since coached softball and volleyball at Monrovia High School. Overall, she won 16 varsity letters. Below is her high school accomplishments:

High School (volleyball):

High School (basketball):

High School (track and softball):

Todd Fakes - Inducted in 2015 to 2016

Written by Travis Judson

Todd Fakes was born and raised in Tipton, IN; and was pushed from a young age to be competitive as he grew up with 9 siblings.  As an athlete in High School he participated in football, wrestling, and track, and would go on to choose the University of Indianapolis (known then as Indiana Central University) for college.  At the university, he played football and wrestled for the Greyhounds, while he earned a teaching degree, which he eventually gained a career in.  His first teaching and coaching job was at North White High School in Monon, IN; and his second was at Monrovia High School in the early ‘80s.  He became the head coach of the wrestling program in 1984 for high school and middle school, and started and coached the Monrovia Wrestling Club Team during off-season.  He also coached Varsity Football and Varsity Track early in his career for the bulldogs.  He raised Monrovia Wrestling to one of the best programs within the state, earning the following achievements as a coach during 13 seasons:

Seth Cockrun - Inducted in 2016 to 2017

Written by: Emma Gaston

Seth competed in track & field and cross country while at Monrovia High School. His high school years spanned from 1993-1996. Seth had a very accomplished athletic career all the way up to the state level. He went on to run at Butler University and graduated with honor bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He then went to the University of Texas and earned his doctorate in molecular biology. Then he went on to study law at the University of Houston and now practices law in Washington DC.

High School:


Chris Sampson - Inducted in 2016 to 2017

Written by Travis Judson

Chris Sampson moved to Monrovia from Avon, serving as Monrovia’s Boys Varsity head basketball coach for 17 years, from 1995-2012.  During his coaching career, he led the Bulldogs to 29 Powder Keg victories, 7  West Central Conference Championships, 4 Sectional Championships, 2 Regional Championship Titles, a state Final Four appearance, and led them to some of their most successful seasons.  Sampson also coached in the 1999 Hall of Fame Classic Game and the Reebok North/South All-Star Game.  He won the most Bulldog basketball victories out of any coach, with 216 wins, earning himself the Monrovia Bulldogs Basketball Winningest Coach Award on January 11, 2019.  

Jim Kaiser - Inducted in 2016 to 2017

Jim Kaiser went to Chartrand High School (known as Roncalli now) in 1969, where he stood out as the football team’s quarterback.  After High School, he went on to Purdue University where he would receive a teaching degree, starting as a teacher in Brisbane, Australia for two years.  He would move back to the United States to teach at Morristown High School and then Monrovia High School in 1979 as an assistant coach under Wayne Stahley.  He became the head coach in ‘81 winning a 66-35 win/loss record, until he left for Avon High School in 1991.

Monrovia Career Accomplishments:

Avon Career Accomplishments:

Entire Coaching Career Accomplishments:

Wayne Stahley - Inducted in 2017 to 2018

Written by Travis Judson

Wayne Stahley grew up in southern Indianapolis and went to high school at Chartrand (known today as Roncalli High School).  At Chartrand, he played football, basketball, and baseball, earning 8 Varsity Letters.  Wayne earned a football scholarship for Butler University, where he would go to college before going to Hamilton Southeastern High School to become an assistant football coach.  In 1976, he came to Monrovia to develop the football team to an undefeated regular season his third year.  At Monrovia he developed new football traditions, such as the football camp and midnight practice.  In 1978, he won the WCC championship and playoffs for the Bulldogs’ football team.  In 1981, he moved to Terre Haute North Vigo to build up their football program as well, spending 20 years there before retiring.  His legendary coaching launched players like Anthony Thompson, Erin Thompson, and Steve Weatherford into the NFL, as well as inspiring other fantastic coaches like Rick Streiff, Kelly Scott, and Mark Bless.

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Nancy (Maple) Kuliesis - Inducted in 2017 to 2018

Written by: Mackensi Schneider

Nancy (Maple) Kuliesis was a 1986 Monrovia High School graduate. She excelled at the only 3 sports offered for women, volleyball, basketball, and track, and was a 4 year varsity letter earner for all. Nancy was the first female to earn 10-letters and went on 12. Kuliesis was a 4-year starting player in volleyball and earned All-West Central Conference honors. In basketball she earned All-Conference honors and set the record for most points scored, scoring 31, in a sectional game her junior year. In track she competed in shot put, discus, and hurdles and won several WCC championships. Nancy (Maple) Kuliesis was being heavily recruited to play division 1 basketball at Michigan State, with offers from many other schools. However in a basketball game during her senior season she had a career ending injury and tore her ACL in her right knee. Although she did not let that stop her from excelling in track the next year. Kuliesis would throw her crutches aside and hobble on one foot while participating in shot put and disc. Nancy (Maple) Kuliesis was also awarded the McCracken award in 1985.

Lindsey (Tansel) Schell - Inducted in 2017 to 2018

Written by: Emma Gaston

Lindsey was a well-accomplished volleyball player and track runner for Monrovia High School from 1994-1997. She earned many honors, all the way up to the state level in high school. She also played volleyball and ran track for Marion University. Lindsey went on to the professional level for running and was eventually sponsored by Brooks.

High School:


Professional Level:

Bill "Mac" Fisher - Inducted in 2018 to 2019

Inducted into the Monrovia Alumni Hall of Fame 2018

Bill Fisher graduated from Monrovia in 1947 and was a member of the 1944 and 1945 Tri-County Championship teams as well as participating in track, baseball, school plays and was class president.  After high school he attended Canterbury College in Danville and later got his masters degree from Indiana University. He was in education for 40 years including being principal and superintendent at Monroe-Gregg School District.

Natalie (Vondersaar) Malone - Inducted in 2018 to 2019

Written by: Emma Gaston

Natalie Vondersaar was a runner for Monrovia High School from 1996-1999. She participated in cross-country and track. Natalie had a very accomplished athletic career during high school and went on to run in college at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

High School:

College Accomplishments:

Gerry Emerson - Inducted in 2019 to 2020

Written by: Emma Gaston

Gerry Emerson was an accomplished runner for Monrovia High School from 1989-1992. He participated in cross-country and track and now coaches at Whiteland High School for track and cross country. Gerry went on to run at Cumberlands College, now University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky.

High School:

Steve Brady - Inducted in 2019 to 2020

While at Monrovia Steve Brady was a 2 sport athlete and earned 7 varsity letters in Football and Wrestling before graduating in May of 1975.  In Wrestling Steve Brady was Conference Champion in 1975 and was Monrovia’s first individual sectional champion in any sport.  In football he was a two time All Conference recipient, Captain of the team and first Mr. Football.

Kurt Everett - Inducted in 2020 to 2021

Kurt Everett graduated from Monrovia in 1985 and played football, basketball and ran track earning 9 Varsity letters. Kurt was Captain and MVP of the football team and was 3 time All Conference.  He was 1st Team Defense All-State and set the school career record for defensive points.

Brian Stader - Inducted in 2020 to 2021

Written by: Emma Gaston

Brian Stader was a successful Cross-Country/Track runner and was on the Varsity basketball team. Brian competed for Monrovia High School from 1977-1980.

High School:

Ana Rouge-Rodela - Inducted in 2021 to 2022

During her time at Monrovia, Ana was a major part of her volleyball team’s success. While on the team, Ana was coached by Gina Ingram. As a junior and senior she led her team to a 25-9 and a 26-5 record, consecutively. During these seasons, the volleyball teams were both conference and sectional champions. While on the team, Ana had multiple individual accomplishments and records. Ana averaged 222 kills per season along with a 95% serve percentage. As a Bulldog, she was also a three time all-conference selection and made the Indiana Coaches Association as a senior in 2000. She was also academically accomplished as both the valedictorian and vice president of her class. After graduating from MHS, she obtained a law degree from John Marshall Law School. Now she works as an attorney for the fifth largest cellular network provider, US Cellular, in Chicago. Ana was also one of the entrants into the 2021-2022 Monrovia High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jesse Woodson

As a student Jesse participated in basketball, football, baseball, and golf, earning him ten varsity letters in total. During his basketball career at Monrovia, Jesse scored just under one thousand points and had a point average of 20 points a game as a junior and senior. He was awarded a captain position, the Mr. Basketball Award as a junior, and was an honorable mention All-State selection. As a football player, Jesse held the Monrovia single passing yard record and was selected for the All-Area team as a quarterback for the Bulldogs. Due to all of his athletic accomplishments he was accepted into the Monrovia High School Athletic Hall of Fame. After high school, Jesse continued playing basketball at Franklin College. Now he is employed as a National Sales Representative for Star Leasing. He lives in Camby with his wife, Andrea, and his sons, Noah and Zach.

Wesley "Wes" Woodson

At Monrovia, Wesley was a part of the basketball, cross country, and track teams. During his time on the Monrovia basketball court, Wesley was awarded the Mr. Basketball Award and was the All-Conference selection. He scored five hundred points during his career and, historically, led in all-time career assists for Monrovia. As an elite runner, he was a part of the first sectional championship team, coached by Bob Huffman in 1993. Wesley was the 1994 two mile sectional qualifier, a conference champion, and a sectional champion. He was also the Monrovia home cross country course record holder at the time of graduation. He was also recognized as an entrant for the Monrovia High School Athletic Hall of Fame entrant. Outside of athletics, Woodson was a Top Ten academic graduate at Monrovia. After graduating, Wes continued running on an athletic and academic scholarship at the University of Indianapolis. During his college running career, he was an All-State and All-Conference runner and graduated with honors. Later in life his relationship with cross country continued as a coach. He was named Conference Coach of the year multiple times and won over twenty-five Conference and Sectional titles with his team. 

Eli Stock 

Eli Stock Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee 2022-2023

Eli Stock, a graduate in 2017, played football and wrestled at Monrovia. During his football career he was an integral part of the 2015 State Championship Football team. Eli was more known for his wrestling success which included 3 team conference championships in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Individually Eli would win state in wrestling at 170 lbs as the lowest seed at 18th. Stock would be named Male Athlete of the Year and is the only athlete in Monrovia History to be an individual and team state champion.

Tommy Faulkenberg

Tommy Faulkenberg Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee 2023

While attending Monrovia Tommy was a member of the Cross Country team and standout wrestler before graduating in 1994. Tommy was a member of the 1992 County Champion, 1993 Conference and Sectional Championship Cross Country teams. Although Mr. Faulkenberg was a member of some of the most impressive cross country teams during the history of Monrovia, he was more known for his standout wrestling career. Tommy was a part of three conference championships in 1990, 1991 and 1993. Individually Tommy was a two time state qualifier in 1992 and 1993. Most significantly Tommy is the only wrestler in Monrovia history to win 4 sectional and regional championships.