Judy Mobley Interview

In the following video, Steve Reeder, a history teacher at Monrovia High School, interviews Judy Mobley about Monrovia's history, particularly on its early band.

Gary Judson Interview

In the following video, Steve Reeder, interviews Monrovia Township member, Gary Judson, about Monrovia's history and his father's service in World War II.

Dean Hadley Interview

In the following video, Steve Reeder, interviews township member, Dean Hadley, about Monrovia's History, particularly on the history of its High School.

Ed Olleman Interview

In the embedded interview, Steve Reeder asks Ed Olleman, a citizen of Monrovia, about Monrovia Township's history.

Randy Marsh Interview

In the attached video, the Vietnam War veteran and active community member, Randy Marsh, is interviewed by Steve Reeder about Monrovia Township.

Jeanne Shupe Interview

In the embedded video, Jeanne Shupe is interviewed about her life in Monrovia and Hall by Steve Reeder.

Matt Monaghan Interview

In the following video, veteran and community member Matt Monaghan is interviewed about his life by Steve Reeder.

Max Green Interview

To the side is an interview with Max Green, an active community member of Monrovia, about his life experiences at Monrovia.

Martha Gannon Interviews — 1984

Iris Fisher & Gordon Hadley

Gordon Hadley & Ira Hinshaw

Virginia Jett & Bertha Hubbard